Wednesday, August 19, 2009

After a long time I am back on my blog, as i had forget my password. It is quite difficult for a journalist to stayaway from writing. There are too many thing which are floting in air since long. My hand are eager to write on those topics. First of all MR. Jaswant Singh and his book. After sixty years of independance we are debating on the issue which had become irrelevant. what we can get by pointing out now that who was or were responsible for partition of india. Will it make any difference. The ony thing that happened that BJP expelled Jaswant Singh from the party. This book will not change any thing whether Jinnah was responsible for partition or Nehru or Sardar patel. It is established fact that every Indian know that the political ambitions of Pandit Nehru was responsible for partition. If he could stay away for one year from the Primemininstershiip of the nation, partition could have been avoided. Every body know that Jinnah died in 1946 due to TB. After that Nehru would have take over the power easily but it did not happen. So nothing can be achived by discussing this topic today.
Expulsion of Jaswant singh from BJP exposed the party that it is not different from others. Otherwise there would be one rule for every leader. Adwani ji talks on jinnah, party applies other rule; Jaswant singh write about jinnah, another rule is applied. what a party with difference? Kalyan Singh rightly raises a question where is BJP now? This party is now decaying very fast. No principle, no issue, no ideology at all. Every leader in the party is fighting for his ego and existance, even adwani ji and rajnath singh too. No surprise upto next general election party would split into four or five big fractions eg. jaswant bjp, modi bjp, jatley bjp, sushma bjp etc. If it happens it would be called BHAGWAN JAANE PARTY....

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